Couple's Silver  £120


The session normally lasts around 3 hrs depending on what elements you wish to include and I tailor it totally to your wishes; this page is just an example of what works well and to give you both an idea of how we can spend the time.


As you can see from my pricing page, this session is one of my longest ones but it is flexible in the exact duration and priced to reflect that we may take a bit longer. I do not charge any additional fee if we run over a bit. This one is all about being unhurried and taking plenty of time!

 I arrive shortly before the start time to set up my equipment and have a brief chat to confirm your preferences for oils, your modesty levels and whether you have any allergies or injuries etc that I need to work around. 

We make sure the room is very warm and dimly lit, you can light some scented candles ready for me arriving and put some chilled sounds on low as we prepare to unwind and work on all of your senses together.

The same thing applies for this ritual with regards to what to wear (or not) as for all of my services which I describe in more detail on the home page and in the FAQ.

To start I normally give you both a full body scrub - I usually bring a few different scrub products for you to choose from. This cleanses and exfoliates your skin and leaves it feeling fantastic. If only one of you wants to have this then that is fine too!

Before your massage section begins, you both need to go and rinse the scrub product thoroughly off each other's skin in the shower or have a leisurely soak in the bath together. 

When you are ready, we start the massage treatments; usually I will massage one of you while the other one sits and waits their turn, it's a good way to enjoy a glass of wine or two and chat to your partner while I'm performing their massage. 

Spending time focused on your partner and seeing how they react to the techniques you apply is a precious commodity in this digital age. 

I offer a relaxing style of massage blended from the Far East, Asia and The Indian Ocean. You can read more about the Body Scrub and Massage on their respective pages on my site.

There's no rush, I take my time and allow you to rest at the end for a few minutes to collect your thoughts and be ready to face life refreshed and renewed. 

As with all of my services, full confidentiality is maintained in a totally non judgemental atmosphere, dedicated to helping you unwind, relax and enjoy treasured time together.  

£120 per couple.


I get asked to work with couples in the early morning too, a Sunday morning for example, if you wanted to do that let me know. A very cool way to start the day.

"Amazing, that was the best massage I've ever had" - Mrs R, Northumberland