Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Thanks for using my website - by making a booking, an enquiry or using this website you agree to these terms of service detailed below. This page also include details about how I use the personal data you give to me and why I need this data. 

I offer a confidential service to my clients, if you subscribe to it I do operate a mailing list to send marketing messages occasionally. The basic information I ask you for, you give on a voluntary basis and I only ask for this information to provide the service to you. I do not sell or pass on those details to anyone else. Your details are stored electronically on secure platforms for the purposes of fulfilling your appointment or communicating in regards to your enquiry or booking only. I do not routinely contact my clients unless it is in regards to agreeing or changing their appointment.

Like most websites, cookies are used to aid your navigation of the site and for us to enhance your visit to it, but cannot identify your personal information. A link to more information about cookies is shown on each page including information as to how to disable cookies.  

During your enquiry I need to know roughly where you live (first part of your postcode or town) to plan my travel time to you. I may ask for a contribution toward my travel time and cost depending on your location. This is additional to the cost of the service chosen. Thanks for your understanding on this - this is the fairest and most transparent way to do this. 

Once you decide you wish to go ahead with a booking I need to know the full address at which you would like me to attend and your name. I also need to know before we start your session if you have any allergies or health requirements that I may need to make adjustments for - if you wish you can give this to me verbally on the day or during our communications.

I ask for your mobile number only for the purpose of contacting you immediately prior to the session in case I have a breakdown or can't find your property etc. or to respond to your enquiry for a short notice appointment. 

I will never ask for bank, credit card or other such personal data by email or by phone.

If you prefer not to send any of these details electronically to me you can request me to text / call instead.

Once again, I use these basic details only to make your booking and only if you subscribe will I use them to send you newsletter or marketing information.

Your privacy is understandably as important to you as it is to me.

Cancellation Policy

Once I have confirmed a booking I will not cancel it at short notice except for extreme circumstances such as if I am injured, unwell or something important crops up etc. Equally I expect you to do the same. We all need to change things every now and then though, so I do have a very flexible cancellation / change policy with my regulars and it works well both ways.


However, (and I say this politely!)  if you are a new client looking to book your first session and then cancel more than two arranged bookings at short notice before we even meet, then I usually will decline further bookings from you. I don't demand a deposit in advance and work purely on trust - which is important to have in this scenario.