Ocean Ritual

This is one of my most popular services and is a firm favourite with my regulars many of whom treat themselves each month.

This unhurried journey to deep relaxation normally takes two hours and works well in the evening or on a weekend morning.

If you are looking for chilled out pampering and want to allocate some of your precious time to being spoilt and totally relaxed then this is for you! 

 I arrive shortly before the start time to set up my equipment and have a brief chat to confirm your preferences for oils, your modesty levels and whether you have any allergies or injuries etc that I need to work around.

The frequently asked questions page gives advice on what to expect for all of my sessions, this one included, you can choose what you want to wear (or not)  and if you have any preferences as to how you would like the session to run. 

Depending on the venue and the session length, we either do the scrub on my table or on the bed OR we apply it in the shower or bath. 

We start with a full body scrub reminding us of the healing powers of a tropical ocean. I apply this to you whole torso and your arms and legs.

You wait a while on the table when I've finished buffing and polishing your skin for the scrub to work its magic.

After a short time it's time for a shower or even better a leisurely soak in the bath (not too hot!) and wash off the scrub ready for your massage to begin. 


I normally help you wash this off your body. Skin always feels amazing after this treatment! 

After you are dry we rest a short while before your massage just to let your skin dry and to chill!

I usually perform a full body massage with this ritual, working on all areas with a relaxing sensual style blended from the Far East and Asia to leave you feeling fabulous. If you choose the naked option it gives the advantage of having some very long sweeping whole body movements without the restriction of clothes / a towel however your modesty and privacy levels are entirely up to you.

You can read more about the body scrub and the full body massage on their dedicated pages

There's no rush, I take my time and allow you to rest at the end for a few minutes to collect your thoughts and be ready to face life refreshed and renewed.

"Fantastic; where did you learn how to do that?!"  - Mr P from Durham