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Thanks for clicking on my advert - on this page I keep it straightforward and tell you what most lads book the first time we work together. 

Most popular options for your first time with me:


£55 - 60 mins Complete Full Body Massage, Head to Toe 

£65 - 90 mins Shower Scrub, Complete Full Body Massage, Head to Toe

£75 - 120 mins Full Body Scrub, Shower and Complete Full Body Massage

I charge for travel for some locations depending on how far away you are - please tell me when you enquire what town you want me to come to.

The exact content we can chat about before we start on the day.  

Most guys go fully naked throughout.  

I don't offer mid week day times - only evenings and weekends. 

I only do out call, your house or a hotel, or borrow your mate's place.

Fully confidential service - 18+ only.


Most of my clients are men or couples who are MM or MF but all are very welcome. 

Some guys book me as a treat for their wife and stick around to watch. 

If you want to reconnect with your partner and learn some massage techniques and how to totally focus on their pleasure then check out my Couple's Massage pages. I work mostly with MM or MF couples. A super chilled no pressure safe environment for you to learn some moves! Great for both younger couples who are still discovering each other or older couples who want to rekindle things. Most guys don't feel confident in how to massage their partner (male or female) or how to turn down the lights and spend time totally focused on their partner.

This is a great way for both of you to spend quality time together with your phones turned off!

I also run sessions where I will teach the client some of the techniques by demonstrating on them before giving them the opportunity to practise on me during the session. This is a great way of having a go ready to impress your partner.

You can find out more about me (I'm 48, 6'4" with dark hair) and plenty more information on the rest of the site - I look forward to working with you and please don't be shy, it's normal to be nervous but it soon disappears when you realise I'm a normal chilled out kind of bloke too; many of my regulars are now considered mates.


"Thank you Mark, you have amazing skills, I'll give you a shout when I know the dates of my next visit to Newcastle"  -  Jon


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