Couple's Gold £150

How often in this modern world do you spend time devoted to your partner's relaxation?

How often do you turn off your phones, turn off the TV, dim the lights and retreat together?

How much do you know about massage and how to please your partner?

Probably not often enough which is maybe why you are reading this? Read on!

This session is my 'gold package' and I create a totally confidential, discrete and non judgemental environment. 


It's a very popular service and I have clients who book this again and again to really connect and learn new skills.


I work with a wide range of couples of all backgrounds and ages mid twenties to mid sixties.


Mostly I plan these bookings for a Saturday or Sunday when we've got plenty of time to make the most of the time together without rushing. I offer these either at your own home or in a hotel setting providing you book a large enough room with plenty of space and a decent sized bathroom. 


We mix a blend of relaxation with learning so that you can explore the power of touch with your partner and each of you can learn some of the techniques to use on them.

Usually we start with full body scrubs which you then need to go and thoroughly wash off each other's bodies in the bath or shower to ensure all the crystals are gone. 

After resting for a short while we move to the massage element of the evening, I work on each of you in turn and show you how to perform some of the moves on your partner which you join me in performing on your other half and we swap so you get to experience it too. 

We blend a mixture of massage styles from the Far East and Indian Ocean regions into a gentle sensual massage drawing on tantra themes to focus entirely on your partner's enjoyment when they are the recipient and accepting their focus when it is your turn.


Often couples like to explore each other's reaction to a full body massage and adapt their style to each other's enjoyment using their hand, arms and perhaps moving on to learn full body contact massage styles.

The pace of the evening is entirely dictated by you, like all my bookings you can totally choose the levels of privacy, clothing and contact that we / you have.  


From experience I usually speak to one of you on the phone during the lead up to the evening so that I can answer any of your questions and learn a bit about your needs and tailor the session to you both. For many couples this is about reconnecting with their long term partner, for others who are relatively new in a relationship (often the younger ones) it can also be about learning to relax and how to relax each other.

Look forward to working with you both.

£150 per couple.