Full Body Massage

A Full Body Massage from Head to Toe is an ideal way to relax and unwind from stresses and strains, just drift off and lose yourself as my hands go to work.

I offer this service for a minimum of 90 mins duration, which allows for enough time to work on all areas of your body.

I often get booked for longer, and it's not uncommon to do a 2hr or 3hr chilled booking with a client which allows even more time to fully unwind and unload. 

I also offer Full Body Scrub & Rinse which is a great way to start to unwind and relax before your massage and we usually include these in the longer sessions; more information

 I arrive shortly before the start time to set up my equipment and have a brief chat to confirm your preferences for oils, your modesty levels and whether you have any allergies or injuries etc that I need to work around. 

When you are comfortable, I start work on all areas with a relaxing style blended from the Far East, Asia and The Indian Ocean. 

If there are  certain areas of your body you'd like me to focus on or indeed, to avoid, then please let me know your preferences on the day. 


There is quite a bit of information on the FAQ page about what to do in advance etc. Most go fully naked on this one but feel free to wear trunks or keep a towel on if you want. 

There's no rush, I take my time and allow you to rest at the end for a few minutes to collect your thoughts and be ready to face life refreshed and renewed.

"That was a really lovely massage, thank you"  - Mr J from Hexham