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Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely worth a read if we've not met before, or to refresh your memory if we have!

These are the most frequent, if there's anything you need to ask, feel free when you book.

How should I book? 

Initially, use the contact form on the bookings page. Please give a few preferred dates as I get booked well ahead. Feel free to ask me any questions in your message.

How do I pay you?

I take payment on the day in cash. No need to feel awkward, just pop it next to my phone when I'm getting my kit sorted at the start.

What should I wear?

It's your room / house, I don't mind.

You can wear (or not!) what you feel comfortable and able to fully relax in. 


Some guys wear swimming trunks (not baggy shorts) or briefs, most guys wear nothing or just keep a towel handy. 

Ladies do exactly the same - again, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Remember the oil can stain so if you do wear something don't wear anything brand new.

You should shower before I arrive so that you are fresh as the products flow better on your skin.

I'm respectful of your privacy and contact levels and we discuss this at the start.

The guys tend to be more relaxed about nudity with me being a guy too but I don't differentiate between the sexes. If you do choose naked I then work on your lower back, glutes and legs without interruption and we can also use long sweeping head to toe strokes without your shorts getting in the way.

What do you wear during the massage?

Mostly just a pair of shorts - but clothing optional / both naked bookings too. Please just ask for which you prefer.

What areas do you cover?

I'm based as the name suggests in the Tyneside area of the North East. When you book or enquire please advise me of the town or the post code so I can plan the journey to you. Please do not be offended if it's just too far away! Thankfully my regular clients are very understanding and generous with regards to this and for shorter journeys I may ask for some petrol costs, for longer journeys I need to charge for some travel time as well. On the longer journeys though I usually suggest that the longer sessions are better to book - and you can be assured that in return I do not rush the session and do not stick rigidly to the session length, if we need to take a bit longer then we do.

Can I smoke / drink when you are here?

I prefer it if you didn't smoke in the room we use for the massage, but its your house and we often end up in the kitchen during a break if you need a cheeky one.


You are very welcome to have a couple of drinks especially on the Couple's Ritual where we enjoy a relaxed evening together but take it steady to enjoy the massage session ;-)


I'm usually driving of course, but where clients get me a taxi home or I'm using the Metro for Newcastle City Centre, I'm happy to join you for a glass of something.

Can we massage you?

Yes - I'm happy for you to have a go.


Can we chat beforehand / between times?

From experience most things can be answered by email during your initial research but I'm happy to give you a call before your first booking to answer any questions you may still have. Just tell me in the enquiry box that you want me to call you and tell me what sort of times are usually best to reach you. (and leave your number!)

My very regular clients do message me every now and then but I prefer to keep things transactional and do 'in session' meeting only. It's easier in the long run that way for everyone.  


Do you do discounts?

If I work with clients very regularly and know them very well, I sometimes chuck in a freebie (call it loyalty points!) usually by ignoring the clock and having a longer session if it feels right to extend on the day.

Otherwise no, my rates are simple, transparent and fair, based on the time that you book me to spend with you. 

Have an allergy or health condition?

I cannot guarantee a totally nut free environment as I do use some nut based products which I cannot be sure that I can remove all traces from my equipment. I tend to use Grapeseed oil. 


There are certain health conditions which are either unsuitable or unwise for massage or require a more specialist approach which I'm unable to provide on a mobile service. I do not offer pregnancy massage for example or any form of sports or injury recovery. If you have varicose veins I will avoid them. If you have any serious health condition please advise me of it, if it is relevant, or discuss with your healthcare professional beforehand to check it is safe for you to have massage.


Generally though the style of massage I use is a gentle relaxing / sensual style of massage and is safe for most people.

What equipment do you bring?

If you live in a house with space right outside to park my car and you have enough space inside, I can bring a portable full sized massage table, a covering for your floor and a range of oils some scented, some plain for privacy if required. Please let me know any specifics.


If you live in a block of flats, are staying in a hotel or have especially nosy neighbours the big table is not practical so I have an air mat I can use on the floor instead which rolls up discreetly into a normal shopping bag. 

If you find the mat becomes uncomfortable or, if you prefer, we can use a large bed for the massage, please just let me know.


The floor mat or a bed does allow for some body to body contact work if you wanted to try that during a couple's session for example

I ask you to provide somewhere very warm to work in - heating on full blast! The space needs to be at least as big enough for you to lie on the floor with your hands stretched above your head and straight out sideways if you are not sure of how big a space I need.


Ideally if we are using the floor it's best to use a carpeted room as its softer, however if you want me to use lots of oil then a hard floor is better to clean up any spillages.

You need to provide some big clean and dry bath towels to lie on.


If you are staying in a hotel / holiday accommodation remember to ask for some extra towels from reception or take some with you.

If you want to have a some candles flickering and some chilled sounds playing on your play list then feel free! Log fire is nice too...

Does it matter what my body shape or my size is ? 

Loads of people struggle with body positivity, rarely is anyone's body perfect in their own mind. Let's just say I've seen a fair few naked and they're all normal, so don't worry, I'm not going to be judging you!  Clients often talk to me about this during our time together; remember you choose your own modesty and privacy levels for the session. The only restraint on your body shape is the weight limit of my table is 200kg, if you are larger than that, it's likely you'd have some significant health issues which would not be compatible with my work.   

What if something 'pops up'?

Normally asked by the younger guys - it happens all the time -  don't worry we'll deal with it.

What style of massage? Do you do Sports? 


No I don't offer Sports, Deep Tissue or any Injury Recovery work - because most of my clients book me purely to relax and unwind. My most frequent regulars book me every four to six weeks, mostly it's every few months or when they are in town on business as a treat.


That's great as it keeps it fresh and we both look forward to working with each other again.


If you need sports or injury massage you need a regular course of treatment and I'm not set up to provide that on a regular basis for you.


The style my clients love is an intuitive style of gentle relaxing / sensual massage to fully unwind to. I have blended elements I have observed and indeed have enjoyed myself from The Far East and Indian Ocean. 

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