Covid-19 99 

I have now restarted accepting bookings.

If you are unwell or have been in contact with someone with or suspected Covid-19 just let me know that you need to re-arrange the session to another date. I do not charge for this kind of amendment I'd rather you felt comfortable to ask to re-arrange.

It's normal for me to only work with a few clients each week, and that policy will remain.

Although we need a warm room so that you do not get cold during the massage, we will ensure that there is some air throughput by having a window / door open or ventilation turned on. 

I will not be running any group classes at this time and will only work with one client / one couple at a time.

Please note that although we can both take all practicable steps, the risk of Covid-19 transmission between us does remain and no liability can be accepted for that.

Thank you.

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