Give Mark a Massage

I know, at first glance it sounds strange!  But in all seriousness, I do have a number of regulars who book me regularly to come over for a couple of hours or so and we reverse roles for some or all of the session.


This is sometimes known as "Reverse Massage"


Some (most) choose to do all of the work to me and I don't lift a finger, others we swap and work on each other.


It works in exactly the same in terms of how the session may run, perhaps starting off with a body scrub and then a full head to toe massage, sometimes just the massage.


All of the things on the FAQ page apply to this session too in terms of dress code for us both, venue and so on and I'm happy to go with your wishes.

It's always really relaxed and a good chance to chill, have time to catch up and chat too. Sometimes for a longer session we even combine it with a walk together in the countryside, a cycle ride or even a wander around a city and some food beforehand.


Massage I find, actually can feel very therapeutic to perform on someone else, that sense of switching off from the world with another person and listening to the rhythmic sound of your hands gliding along their body, watching their reactions to your touch and presence. 

Some clients book this because they want to try massaging their own partner but want to practise on someone else first. If you want to, feel free to ask me to give you some gentle tips as you work through the massage. 

Other clients might be single currently but want to practise for when they meet their next partner or just enjoy giving a massage / spending time with another person who they trust.

Often though clients just enjoy my company and want to treat me for a change with a good opportunity for them zone out and relax doing something different to normal.

Available for men / women / couples to book. 

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