Full Body Scrub 

A Full Body Scrub is a perfect start to a massage, it allows you to start to unwind and enjoy being spoilt, ready to deeply relax later in the session.


Usually included in bookings of 90 mins duration and longer. 


I use a product that leaves your skin feeling amazing. It's best to not wet shave or use hair removal products on the day of your booking - the scrub stings a bit if you do. I don't use this on your face.


Two options as to how this works:


Option A: Shower Scrub

I apply this to you while you are in the shower (or bath), I rub well in and then wash it off you. This way is best for 90 min sessions as it's slightly quicker. Or if the room is not suitable to use my big table in.

Option B: Table Scrub and Shower


I apply this to you when you are 'dry' lying down, then massage it in further and rinse you off in the bath or shower. This takes a bit longer and is a superb way of relaxing.

Either way I apply the scrub to your back, chest, stomach, arms and legs working it in deeply with my hands.

Even better is a leisurely soak in the bath afterwards ready for your massage.  If you have a bath I'll go and run you one while you are waiting for the scrub to sink in.


For the Couple's Ritual you can help each other make sure you have washed and rinsed it off thoroughly from your bodies.  If you are booking by yourself I routinely help clients completely rinse it off in the shower / bath, but feel free to do that bit yourself if you'd prefer. 

"Messy fun! I loved the scrub..." - Darren