Hello, thanks for dropping by. I'm Mark, a mobile massage therapist offering a range of services in the privacy of your own space. 

I cater for all creating a totally non judgemental and relaxed environment.

I work with men and women, I'm very happy for you to have your husband / partner present if you prefer, either to just sit and watch or to give me a helping hand. 

Very popular are my Couple's packages which are for same sex or mixed sex couples. Usually I run these at a weekend when there is plenty of time to relax and unwind together.

My clients prefer not to have to go out of their comfort zone in a spa or salon environment and simply want to relax, unwind and unload in the absolute privacy of their own space.

I have limited availability each week, it's handy to have a choice of preferred dates when making your booking as I do get booked ahead!

Non scented massage oils are available if preferred for discretion.

I offer a totally confidential service to men and women (18+) whatever their backgrounds - gay,straight,bi,curious,married,single, a mix of all these. I tailor the session to your needs and we discuss your wishes in advance.

You can choose to wear trunks / bottoms, be naked or under towels it's up to you. Your own chosen levels of privacy are fully respected. Whatever you feel comfortable wearing in your space is fine with me!  

Massage, particularly full body massage is a very personal experience and it's normal for you to be nervous when I first arrive. As I set my equipment up we chat through the final details and check if there are any issues or injuries I need to work around.

Often clients feel strong emotions; sometimes a feeling of exhaustion as your stresses melt away, sometimes serene calmness, sometimes a feeling of total release and deep relaxation. 

 Sometimes you will ache slightly the next day, again this is normal.

It's also very common to fall asleep when my hands get to work - don't worry I'll wake you gently! 

Having travelled extensively in The Far East, Asia and The Indian Ocean I offer a blend of massage from these regions to allow you to relax and unwind in keeping with the ancient traditions of restorative massage.


 So, drop me a message and get me booked! 

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